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Some of our commonly asked questions


If you still have questions!


If you've looked through our site and still have questions, we'd be glad to help you.

Just give us a call on +44 (0)77 6727 1158 or use our contact form.



What are your rates?


It depends on what you need really. If it's for a corporate or event video, click on the appropriate tab above or for weddings use that one to get an idea. The best thing to do is email us or give us a call and we can discuss accurately what we can do for you!


Can I use a credit card to pay?


Unfortunately not at the moment. We currently accept, cash,  or bank transfer.


We can issue a Paypal invoice and you can use your credit card to pay that way (and you don't need a Paypal account to pay it). Unfortunately because of the charges, we have to add 10% to the price for this facility, so don't encourage it's use, as it is a little expensive!


What should I wear?


(more aimed at corporate/business videos) It's best to avoid wearing bold colours and patterns when you have to appear on camera. Make sure your clothes are clean and pressed. And if you're not sure exactly what to wear, have several choices. We will be happy to help you put together an appropriate look. 


Can the video be supplied for my iPhone/iPad/Mobile device?


Of course it can. There is an additional charge for this and what that is will depend on whether we supply the flash drive and how long it is etc.


Our business has branches in several European countries and we need to make training videos and promotional videos using footage from these places. Can you travel to them and record this for us and provide the finished videos in different languages or subtitled?



Yes we can as we've done this before and used a really good translation service.


There is an additional charge for this service and varies depending on what is required. For certain countries we need special work permits and visas and these can take time to arrange, so we need as much notice as possible.

The following are the some of the most common questions about wedding videos:


Why should we have a professional video made when my friend or relative can film it on their video camera?


Your wedding day is something you may have dreamed about all of your life. The day has been planned in detail for months, maybe even years, and then in just one day it is suddenly all over. In the enormity of the day it is difficult to take everything in, and there are many things that are missed completely. For example, the Bride won't be able to see her guests arriving and the Groom won't be able to see his Bride getting ready in the morning or arriving outside the church or venue with her Father. A video is the perfect way to capture everything that happens as a precious reminder of your day. Only a video can recall the vows, the speeches, the music and the laughter.
Having a professional videographer means that you do not have to rely on a friend or relative to film your day. Even with their best efforts, no friend or relative that is involved in the wedding will have the time or experience to make sure every important moment is caught on film.
By securing professionals who film weddings every week, and know exactly what will happen and when. You are also guaranteed a wedding video shot on professional video cameras, and the use of additional microphones to ensure that nothing is missed. We always use tripods to ensure professional shots throughout. Finally, you are not only paying for your day to be filmed, but also to be professionally edited into a beautiful video that will be a lasting memory of your day that you will treasure for years to come.


We have a photographer booked, why should we book a videographer as well?


A good photographer will always produce a great photographic record of your day for you, however there are many things that a still photo just cannot recall, such as your vows and the speeches. A video can also capture the fun and excitement of the day, showing your guests enjoying themselves and documenting the many things that have all come together to make your day so special. By having a videographer, so many precious moments can be captured forever to create a lasting memory of your day. Both should work really well together and compliment each other

We know!! Several of our crew are photographers as well!


Do you do reduced prices for midweek weddings?


It depends on what you need really, but the usual answer is NO! As this is what we do to pay our bills, in the same way that someone is employed and gets paid, wages do not reduce depending on the day of the week and we think it's unfair to offer a pice different to that expected to be paid by someone, because their date happens to fall at the weekend.


However, the best thing to do is email us or give us a call and we can discuss what you need!



Again we'd say to just simply talk to us. We will do whatever we can to give you the best deal possible!



The best advertising we could possibly have is "word of mouth" recommendations and we are very pleased at the number of repeat jobs we get from the same families or set of friends, recommending us or passing on our details


What happens to our footage when you record the wedding?


Normally the footage gets transfered to one of our computer hard drives so that we can do the editing process.



Once this is complete, a "proof" is prepared and uploaded  for you to look at and check that we have everything spelled correctly, in particular, names. We also like you to check and see if any changes are required - rare but it happens! We give you 14 days to do this. We then speak to you again and if all is ok, we then complete the Video for you. (Please note that no free changes will be made once you agree that all is ok!)



The original footage is archived (stored) after this for exactly twelve (12) months from the date of your wedding (most companies only do a couple of months). When this time has passed we permanently erase all footage. We do however, keep a master copy of your event so that they may be reproduced and copied if required.


Can we get a Blu Ray copy in 18 - 20 months if we get a Blu Ray Player?


No! Once the footage is erased, the only thing we can do for you is copy your master.



If technology has changed at that time to allow copying and upscaling (upgrading for want of a better term), then we may be able to do that for you. Nothing like that currently exists.


Can we get a full copy of all the footage you shot on the day because it's ours?


No! The actual copyright in the footage remains with us at all times. We shoot all footage on professional cameras which need specific programmes to handle it. In much the same way as you don't need to see the ingredients prepared for special meals for your day, you know that it will be served cooked and ready, our footage is the ingredients we use to prepare your record of the your special day.


There's nothing magical or mythical about it, it's just not easy to understand in it's raw format. If we shoot something which is usable, it goes into your finished product. We leave stuff out for a reason. Sometimes someone may say something not appropriate or something will happen that doesn't fit with a wedding day. We have an obligation to protect those people and also you, the client from repercussions. It's why we are so careful about protecting someone's privacy. If there's something good enough for an "out-take" we'll do that. You're not missing a thing. That's a promise.


Can we copy our own Video?


Yes of course you can. We normally provide the video not copyright protected, so you are free to make as many copies as you like and transfer to family or friends.

Just be aware though that any licensed music we provide is not allowed to be uploaded (to YouTube etc.) as this beaks all laws on music sharing. Even small pieces used on social media could lead to difficulties. We cannot help out if this happens



You keep referring to "video recording" and "event video" but we want our wedding on DVD/USB.


"VIDEO RECORDING" is the generic term for the work we capture on camera. We haven't produced a wedding on VHS video for quite a number of years now. Your wedding will be provided in downloadable or view online form and is also available on USB drives and for iPads etc. Just request these when booking and we can include that in your quote so "what you see is what you pay" and can budget better!

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