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Additional Camera Operator

Having an additional camera operator allows for a different angle to be covered and instead of just having it sit static, the operator can capture some nice creative shots that really enhance your film of the day.

If you have a Blu Ray player, then you'll know the difference a High Definition disc has over a standard DVD in terms of quality. This is for those that would like that little bit extra.

HD Blu Ray Disc

This option gives you your complete day on High Quality High Defininition video on a USB drive in a presentation case for you to keep and/or share. If you have a Smart TV, Tablet, Smart Phone etc. or would just like to upload to Youtube and share with family and friends abroad, then this is the option for you.

NOTE!! We advise making a back-up of all files received on this option, just in case it gets damaged or corrupted. Just and normal USB drives and like DVD, these are digital and can always be damaged. We only warrant them for 12 (twelve) months and after that we no longer have a back-up of your files. Unfortunately the number of jobs we do, make storing that amount of data far too expnsive.

High Quality USB
Camera Cranes/Jibs/Dollies

A camera Crane/Jib is one of those small arms on a tripod you will see cameras attached to on high production feature. It allows beautiful gentle moving shots to be achieved, that make your film stand out from the others.

A dolly is a set of wheels that the tripod can be mounted on to give smooth follow shots for the camera. It creates a much more romantic style on certain shots as opposed to simply following with a zoom.

Drone Camera Aerial Footage

This is one of the most exciting and talked about additions to the Wedding Video business in some time. We have a fully licenced and insured operator, that will fly his aircraft in the vacinity of your ceremony and/or reception to get the type of footage that used to be only within the grasp of the very rich who could afford a helicopter and crew. It is now affoadable and can add that fantastic dramtic touch and feel

Web Highlights Film Uploaded

One of the most popular popular choices for adding on.

This is a shortened highlights film of your wedding day ideal for the web. Properly edited, this mini video is hosted on a password protected video hosting site for your family and friends to watch when it suits them. It saves those that couldn't make it, or just want to see it again, sitting through all the long parts of the day. Of course it's not a problem for those that do want to watch it all, as you still receive your full version on DVD to loan out. This is more aimed at those abroad or a long distance away.

Guest Messages

A great little film, up to twenty to thirty minutes long (depending on the length and number of messages) is created using your guests. Both of you can also leave messages for one another which are kept secret until the job is completed. Usually a mixture of the funny stories, embarassing moments, lovely touching praise and uncle Bob losing his teeth as he has had one too many for "Dutch courage". This is one of the really popular extras and must be booked before the day itself. It requires planning and another operator for the hour or so that they are recorded.


We get comments from you both, together or seperately, including your recollections during your special day. This adds a beautiful element to your wedding film and is a romantic and exciting addition to your film.

Although we try not to intrude on your day, This will normally take at least 30 minutes and is best done in the privacy of your room.

Bride & Groom Messages
Save The Date Video

A great personal video message on a password protected site announcing your happy news and ensuring everyone 'saves the date'.

You can send everyone the link and the password in their invitation or add a QR code to their invite that has a link built in and takes them to it. Technology and the way it helps you look ahead of the game.

We can shoot some footage with you to do this or use photos sent to us. Here's an example of one using photos from the engagment shoot (credit: Gavin Lynn Photography) CLICK HERE TO VIEW A SAMPLE

Your Story Of Love And Being Together

The perfect backdrop, being shown on a screen during dinner
A slideshow of pictures, set to music telling the story of your lives and love story so far, this is really popular for couples who want to screen it on their wedding day and normally gives a load of laughs, tears and memories for your guests.

The price will be dependant on how much detail you want included.

Your Engagement Party Highlights 

We capture the special moments of your engagement party in a highlights film (approx twenty to thirty minutes long). Please contact us for more information.

Maximum recording time 2 hours.

Another great idea that can be played on the day, usually during dinner, but is also normally uploaded to the internet for family and friends to enjoy

Engagement Photoshoot Highlights

Organised along with your photographer when you're getting your enganement shoot done. We go along and film some informal footage of the shoot and interview you together and separately in order to create a beautiful montage of footage and photographs telling your love story.

This is yet another popular film to be shown on the day

We create a montage of pictures and/or footage that you have taken during your honeymoon. Set to music and properly edited to allow you to relive your honeymoon time and time again. It can also be hosted on a password protected site for you to share the link with family and friends. It's a lovely original "Thank You" for your guests.

The price will be dependant on how much detail you want included.

Honeymoon Memory Montage
Editing Your Footage

Two types here:

  1. You get someone to record your day and give us the footage and (Providing it's suitable quality - not everyone is as competent as they think) we edit it for you.

  2. Some guests record additional footage, maybe after we leave and you want it added to your final film. We can do that for you, again with same condition as above about suitability - We reserve the right to refuse if it's really poor and will ruin your official film.

The price per hour quoted is our time that we feel we will spend on the footage. We will give you our best estimate of time and a price once we get to see what is supplied and how much. It is not a price for the length of footage supplied. The price per hour is billed at 30 minute intervals.

Preparation Footage

The preparations with family and friends is a very important part of the special day. We capture some of moments where the nerves and excitement show, on what is likely to be one of the most emotional and memorable mornings of your life.

There are two options:

  1. We capture the Bride (normally) or Groom getting ready.

  2. We capture both.

Where we will capture both a discount is available on the price of doing the two as single add ons.

The second option is dependant on distance from the ceremony. This is normally not an issue, but just something we may need to consider.

Display Your Evening Reception On Large Screens

If your reception venue has large screens, we can link into them and display your first dances, so that everyone sitting around can watch and join in with the "BIG EVENT" feeling. This is done with live video switching and needs a lot of planning ahead by us. It will also involve cooperation and permissions from the venue.

This is one of those add ons that really makes your evening stand out from the rest. All of this is recorded and used on your final production.

Live Streaming Of The Ceremony/Reception

We can "Live" stream on the internet either your ceremony or reception, or you can have both done. Obviously this needs a very high quality internet connection. If it is not available on site, we can bring in "Mobile" satelite broadband.

There are limitations to this and takes a bit of time to organise, so needs to be sorted a minimum of 3 months before the date of your special day.

Obviously there are many other things available, so if there is something you've seen and would like to enquire about, please feel free to get in touch and have a chat.

Options fee guide


Our packages are just that, the most common things put together to help make life easier

Everything can be tailored to suit your needs and budgets. Start with a basic coverage and select what suits you best or add to an already made package with a few extras that you want. For example:


Additional Manned Camera                       £250.00 (Full Day Rate)

HD Blu Ray Disc (first copy)                        £25.00

HD Blu Ray Disc (additional copies)          £20.00

HD Version on USB/Presentation Case    £75.00

Camera Cranes/Jibs/Dollies                        £POA

Drone camera aerial Footage                     £POA

Web highlights (10-15 mins + password)  £150.00

Guest messages                                            £150.00

Bride & Groom Messages                            £150.00

Save The Date video                                     £175.00

Your story of love and being together       £100.00 (From)

Your engagement party highlights             £300.00 (maximum 2 hours recorded, film 15-20minutes)

Engagement photoshoot highlights           £250.00

Honeymoon memory montage                  £150.00 (From)

EDITING We edit your footage                    £75.00 per hour (This is for time spent, not footage time)

Travelling (additional mileage) per mile    £0.49

Record footage of preparations at Bride's/Groom's House on the morning of the wedding  £150.00

Record footage of preparations of both places on the morning of the wedding                      £275.00

Displaying the evening reception on large screen at the venue                                                   £POA

Live streaming of ceremony on the internet via satelite broadband                                           £POA


If there is anything at all you'd like, please ask and if it's possible, we'll quote for you! CLICK HERE

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