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We've been in the business of capturing video since 1992. What started out as a hobby for Paul, our founder, has become a professional business, working for some of the nicest people and biggest companies around

Our video equipment is state of the art. We have all HD digital cameras on hand and can hire additional similar cameras if you need them. We make sure to use top-quality lighting, microphones, cables, connectors, tripods etc. All ou equipment is maintained to the highest standards available and replaced when necessary!


Celebrations Event Videos are always keen to incorporate your own ideas wherever possible.


Our friendly staff know how to put you at ease before your event by working with you to ensure you get the product you deserve and require. Your comfort is essential to us, because it shows in your final product.


When doing weddings, we try our best to capture the moment without being intrusive on your special day. Not possible 100% of the time, but that "less than 1%" we'll be part of it, so you'll hopefully not notice too much!


Celebrations Event Videos don't provide professional sound and light for stage and stage shows, but we do work with one of the best in the industry and can recommend them to you if required. We can also help source large screens, projectors, stages and platforms for special events again from crews we've worked with and know how to work with us.



Celebrations Event Videos don't do photography (although we have several photographers working with us) as we prefer to concentrate on what we do best and let those that do that job, do it properly. If you need a good professional to take top quality pictures for you, contact us and we'll put you in touch with someone who can do the job for you.


We are fully insured and covered for every eventuality we can think of



Celebrations Event Videos are fully insured for public liability, professional indemnity and equipment loss or damage.


What that means is, that no matter what happens we should always be able to keep operating. We have fantastic relations with other similar video businesses and regularly hire from or to them and are therefore always able to fulfill our bookings.


All of our partners and staff are trained and experienced in the set up and use of all the equipment. When we require rigging or platforms, we bring in companies that are professional in these fields.


If you need professional sound or light for an event, show or gig, give us a call and we'll recommend a partner company that will quote for this for you!


Get in touch

Use our hassle-free online form to make an enquiry now,

give us a call on +44 77 6727 1158


or simply stop by in person, we're always happy to help.


We are awarded "associate membership" of the Institute Of Videography (IOV)



Celebrations Event Videos have been awarded the associate membership of videography. This can be verified by clicking on the image above, which is linked to our verification page of the IOV.


What that means is, that Paul has passed exams (in five modules) demonstrating a level of knowledge and competency in the art of video production and also understands, health & safety and legal aspects of the industry. It also means that if you should need to raise a complaint, the IOV are the professional body, that will mediate on your behalf, giving you further peace of mind, that you are hiring a professional. All IOV members have signed up to a voluntary code of practice, which can be seen at this link or read here on our website.

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