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How to Get The Best Wedding Video Ever


Wedding videography packages range from £250.00 to more than £15,000 and the styles are just as varied. Use these tips to help you find the perfect pro to get a video that's so good you'll watch it on repeat well past your first anniversary.


We've trawled the internet to get you some great advice and give you the best tips we can and provide it for you here, warts and all!


1. Hire the Person Whose Style Most Closely Matches Yours

Just like photographers, videographers take different approaches to their craft. Documentary-style videos present the events chronologically, without many special effects, while a cinematic film is generally more dramatic, using interesting angles for a Hollywood-movie feel(these are just two options of many). You don't want to select a cinematographer with one style and send them clips from another videographer with a totally different style looking them to "DO THAT". Just hire the one you like!


2. Take Finding a Videographer As Seriously As You Do Your Photographer

Unfortunately, hiring a videographer seems to get pushed back somewhere between welcome bags and favours and it's just too important for that C-list slot on your long list of to dos. By that time, there will only be a handful of professionals left to choose from, and most likely, you won't be able to hire your first choice.

Top Tip: Planning ahead always pays off, so circle somw money in your budget for your videographer from the beginning. If you make videography a priority, you'll see it in the end result. A film of your wedding day that comes out exactly as you hoped it would.

3. Subscribe to Vimeo

There are plenty of places to find wedding videographers, but Vimeo is the preferred spot for most A-list pros to post their recent work. Aside from the big videography community, you can easily search by location and even some wedding venues to find clips from your reception venue and get ideas. 

Top Tip: All wedding videos are not created equal. When you're watching sample videos, there are a few things to keep in mind. A good film will be well lit, have easy-to-understand audio and appropriate music and be edited so that transitions are smooth and special effects compliment the story.

4. Embrace the Professional Referral Factor

Vendors like your photographer have worked with videographers in the past and will be able to suggest filmmakers they've liked or that they've heard good things about through previous clients.

Top Tip: Many photographers also work with preferred videographers and offer discounts to book both together, and it usually makes sense to book a package for both. A pair of pros that work well together will have an easy working rapport and use that to get you great shots.

5. Seek Out Reviews

Even if you feel like you've found the perfect fit after leaving the meeting, you should still do your due diligence and get references (as well as reading opinions online). Ask questions like: Did he capture the most important parts of your wedding? Was he a positive presence throughout the day? Overall, were you happy with the final film? 

Top Tip: If someone has commented on Facebook or posted a review, you can click on their profile and message them. Most happy clients that take the time to do that will not mind a message from someone enquiring. Keep in mind that if the reference was married a year or more ago, things that seemed like a big deal then could matter less now. It's a red flag if the bride starts out with a sentence like, "The video came out great, but…" The bride may not care now that the videographer showed up late, but you should be wary.

6. Meet Them in Person Before You Decide

You need to feel at ease with your videographer. (They'll be following you around on your wedding day, after all!) It's best to meet them in person, but Facetime or Skype also works well in a pinch (Paul's edit: I WOULDN'T RECOMMEND THIS. FACE TO FACE IS WHERE YOU CAN TELL IF THE VIDEOGRAPHER SUITS YOU, PLUS IT'S BETTER TO SEE THEIR WORK IN PERSON. Once you've met with one or two potential pros, ask to see a full video or two (clips only tell part of the story and you want to know what your entire film might look like). 

Top Tip: Finding the right person also means asking the right questions. Check our page for what we recommend to ask HERE.

7. Get the Most Out of Your Contract

Your contract should include the coverage (as in, approx start time and end time your videographer will be at your venue), how many shooters you'll have, an itemized list of the finished product (highlight reels, trailers, digital media files), nitty-gritty logistical details (time and location), cancellation policies and, of course, the fee. If it's not outlined in the contract, don't assume you're going to get it. Any extras, like an engagement video session or save the date, need to be in there. If they're not and you want them, ask to have it put in. Genuine businesses have no issues with this.

Top Tip: Double-check that your package includes the important things: a second camera (so your video can be edited to include at least two perspectives, like your walk down the aisle and your fiancé's face), an edited video between 5 and 25 minutes and coverage of both the ceremony and reception if selected and agreed etc. 

8. Don't Micromanage

You're hiring someone for their experience and talent (not just their equipment). Trust your decision. On the day of your wedding, you shouldn't feel like you need to direct them or keep your eye on them. If you've truly done your research and fully vetted your videographer, you should have complete confidence in them.

Top Tip: If you love your video, share your experience with other couples by posting a review and offering to sign on as a reference. This is by far the best compliment you can pay us and we love them. If there was something wrong, never be afraid to add that and how it was dealt with to make you happy. A truthful review is the most respected and others know if, unfortunately there is something that needs done, they will be confident their videographer will go the extra mile to get it right.

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