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Points for Your Videography Contract


Before you sign a wedding videography contract, make sure it hits on the essentials.


Signing the contract is the final step to reserving your videographer for the wedding day. Before you sign, make sure your contract includes everything you need and agreed. Beyond the essentials, if there are any agreements you made with your videographer (like including something special in the finished film), ask him/her to write it into the contract. That way, there are no misunderstandings on either end.



Points for Your Video Contract:

  • Names and addresses of all locations where the videographer will be shooting

  • Number of cameras. Put it in writing that he or she will bring at least one backup camera in case there's a problem with the first one

  • Name of an acceptable substitute in case of emergency on the day of

  • The total hours he/she'll work (or at least an approximate starting and finishing time.

  • The type and approximate total time of your finished, edited video if this is agreed beforehand.

  • Any editing features or special effects you've agreed upon or don't want used

  • Number of DVDs, USBs or Blu-rays you'll receive with the finished video

  • Type of equipment and medium to be used (This generally accepted as Digital today)

  • Background music that will be played (include a song list if you want certain songs to be included) and ensure that it will be licensed

  • Number of interviews to be included (if you're having them)

  • Total cost

  • Deposit amount and balance due date/timeframe

  • Fees, including overtime rates and cost of additional DVDs, Blu-rays or USBs if you want them

  • Cancellation and refund policy

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