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Don't Forget the Important Things

Quite a lot of couples, most in fact, don't actually set a budget when planning their big day. They go out and get prices for what they think they need based on what others have traditionally done and start adding up as they go along. Then they arrive at a figure and that's that. Usually Video is at the very end of the list IF they think they can justify it.

Now obviously we're gonna say that video shouldn't be left until the end or forgotten about, but there is one really big reason why it should be important and "budgeted" for if at all possible - It is the ONLY way the day can be seen again with all of the sights and sounds included. (Morbid bit warning) None of us live forever and it's quite possible that one or more important or special people at your wedding will pass away suddenly or by illness within a short time. This is a great way to have a lasting memory of them on a fantastic day. The other thing to remember is that by a mile the most common comment made by a bride (usually although more often recently the groom as well) after the event is "I really regret now not having a video recording as that day went so fast, I'd just love a chance to look back at we we missed and what went on. Sadly as much as it would be brilliant to do it all over again, it just isn't possible.

Some reasons for NOT having a video are:

a) "I don't want a stupid camera in my face all day. It's bad enough without that"

b) "It's far too expensive for all that you get"

c) "No-one can relax when there's a camera around"

d) "My other half doesn't like cameras"

e) "Sure we have a photographer"

f) "Uncle Jim is bringing his camera"

g) "Our friends have all got camera phones"

And the list can go on.

To be fair most of those are quite legit, but let us look quickly at them.

a) if this is the case, then the person doing the job doesn't have the experience of equipment to do the job. There should only be a few moments during the day when the cameraperson is noticed. It's one of the things we pride ourselves on, having comments about not being "in your face!"

b) Yes it can be expensive, but compared to other vendors it can be a bargain if explained. 12 hours spent on your day and another 40-60 on editing your finished product (be kind and use 50 hours and £1000 is only 20 p/hour not including travelling, equipment, insurance etc.) Compare that to the band say at £500 p/hr

c&d) Can't deny that this is an issue for some, but like in "a" above as the day goes on, the camera people should blend in to the guests.

e) A really good photographer and videographer should work together to ensure that everyone is relaxed and having fun during the day. They should compliment each other

f&g) Again, yeah Uncle Jim (or whoever) may have a really good camera, but will he know where to be and when to be there to get a good shot? Will he have good audio to capture the vows and what about that shaky jumpy footage? Remember you only get one chance to get it right. As for your friends, it's usually a cometition to see who can share on social media first. It's not about getting you really good quality memories

Relax on you wedding day and let the people that know what they're doing, capture the special moments and then enjoy it all over again and again and....well you get the picture - hopefully!!

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